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An Urgent Message To All Singers & Aspiring Singers: Keep Reading To Discover…

How A Clueless Guitarist With No Prior Training “Stumbled” His Way Into A Professional Singing Career…

Without Wasting Years Of His Time, Damaging His Voice, Or Spending Thousands On Singing Lessons…

If you’re a self-taught singer who’s tried absolutely everything…

Who’s waited patiently for the “breakthrough” moment where everything just clicks into place that so many singing gurus have promised… But day after day you keep making the same mistakes with little to no progress… Then keep reading. Because it’s likely you’ve been completely misled about what it means to learn to sing. So that’s the bad news out of the way… here’s the good news:

There IS a “roadmap” that can take you from amateur to the very top of your game…

Better yet:

When you follow this “roadmap”, becoming a great singer doesn’t require years of practice or an investment of thousands of dollars—like a lot of conventional singing lessons do.

And no, I’m not talking about some “magic pill” that’ll allow you to sing like a pro in minutes.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re on the wrong page.

No, I’m talking about a proven, repeatable system that allows anyone who’s willing to put in the work to “discover” their unique voice and…
  • Be able to sing in any style safely & effortlessly
  • Discover that “rockstar” tone that so many seek
  • Unlock notes they never thought they’d sing

It all relies on an odd realization I had one day while browsing the internet… when I discovered a weird “bridge” between the speaking voice and the singing voice that no one else was talking about.
You might have heard rockstars and other professional singers talk about how singing should be as effortless as speaking…
Well, understanding these “bridge” sounds is the key to getting to that level.
And if that sounds ridiculous, just listen to these folks who’ve recently followed this “roadmap” to singing like a pro:

“My new range is between C3 and C6. I’m a Female with a naturally lower set voice. If I remember correctly I was stagnant at A4 before. Lots of progress has been made.” 

- Ren

“Amazing! I can do this thing now!! And just through the break also! From c to f approximately.”

- Christian

“My highest note was D4… after three weeks, I´m able to hit C5…”

- John

And, of course, I’m living proof that it works. My name’s Chris Liepe. These days, I’m living the dream. People around the world have heard my music. My educational videos have amassed millions of total views on Youtube… And most importantly… I’m finally able to live my dream of teaching passionate singers everywhere how to unlock the hidden potential in their voices. But the thing is, I was once stuck exactly where a lot of amateur singers are…

“Maybe I’m Just Not Cut Out For This”

I remember having that thought years ago. Because like most self-taught singers, I’d tried just about everything. I’d watched all the YouTube videos. I’d gone on all the forums. But at the end of the day, nothing worked. Even worse: It started to feel like there was something wrong with ME…That maybe my voice was just different than the rest…Or that maybe I just wasn’t a “born singer” And it hurt to think that, at the rate I was going, I might NEVER unlock my voice –That I might grow into my old age without ever realizing my full singing potential. And since music was the only thing I was ever really passionate about, that really hurt to think about. Thankfully, that all changed one day when I was goofing off online…

The Internet Troll That Changed My Life Forever

I was reading an article about the band Soundgarden at the time. See, I love Soundgarden… In fact, their singer, Chris Cornell, is the person who inspired me to sing and teach voice lessons. And I remember reading a comment on the article that claimed Cornell sounded like a “dying cat” when singing live. I chuckled, because honestly there is a bit of truth to that… And just for fun, I started goofing off making cat noises! Well, as fate would have it, this was when I had my first “a-ha!” moment…
Because at that moment, I realized that these “meow” noises weren’t just in my head or my chest voice… They were mixed!! The mix that I’d sought after for years… that I’d researched for hours and hours with no success… It came to me when I was goofing around on the internet. That day, I unlocked a part of my range that I NEVER thought I’d be able to access… The sound was rough, but suddenly notes that I’d thought I’d never be able to hit were coming out of me with ease. And after spending some time refining my technique, I was actually able to sound just like Chris Cornell!
This was huge for me, and it caused me to realize something… The dying cat noise acted as a “bridge” between my regular speaking voice, and my real singing voice. It was easy to sound like a cat. I’d probably done it a million times as a kid. And with a little practice, I was able to transform this familiar “bridge” sound into the singing tone I’d been chasing for years.
So I started to play around some more, and I discovered A LOT more of these weird “bridge” sounds!! Some of them sounded like cartoon characters I’d seen growing up… others sounded like animals… and honestly, others were hard to place… But the crazy thing was that there was a specific “bridge” sound for EVERY vocal technique I’d ever wanted to learn. From high rock belts, to soothing R&B singing, to the brutal screams of a death metal vocalist… Each singing technique had a specific “bridge” sound (or SET of bridge sounds)… that I could use to transition from my normal voice to the sounds of a pro singer.And once I put enough of these “bridge” sounds together, I realized…

I Had Finally Discovered The “Roadmap” To A Great Voice

From there, learning to sing was as simple as “connecting the dots”… And it was AMAZING. For the first time in my life I felt the “freedom” that so many vocal coaches had talked about. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t shut up after my breakthrough! And the best part was, no one was complaining! Imagine riding in the car with your friends…Your favorite song comes on, and you start singing along—naturally and effortlessly. Then suddenly, the car falls completely silent…
And the next thing you hear is:

“Where Did THAT Come From?!”

Moments like these are common when you’ve unlocked the full potential of your voice. At this point, I knew I was on to something…And I wanted to see if it could work for others as well as it worked for me. So I started making Youtube videos giving away pieces of my new methodology… and the response was insane:
“There was a ceilling that I couldn’t get pass. Doing what you showed us in this video made me do it… I’m insanely grateful!! Almost cried when I heard myself produce a high note like that!”
“i always thought that high vocal range was the kind of thing that you born with and just a few had it. now you are proving me that i can do it and it’s helping me a lot . thanks!”
“Seriously, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this video since I was 13. This was the first time I felt like mixed voice is something I could actually do, and not just an arbitrary concept.”
But I realized that I could never teach people everything through one-off Youtube videos. There was too much to teach… and a whole lot of questions in my comments that required more hands on expertise. I needed to put this “roadmap” into one place and walk people through it step-by-step. So that there was NO WAY they could fail to achieve their singing goals. I wanted to make learning to sing as simple as learning math in school… in fact, I wanted to make it simpler! To the point where I could walk anyone through this “roadmap” and have them come out on the other side as an amazing singer. Well, I’m happy to say that after months and months of work, I finally put that “roadmap” together in a singing program unlike any other…
And if you’re reading this right now, enrollment is open and you’re invited…

Discover Your Voice

Discover Your Voice is a self-paced 12-week course that is designed to help amateur to intermediate singers discover the true potential of their voices. And it not only covers every single “bridge” sound that I’ve discovered over the years, but it also contains crucial singing fundamentals: From how to position particular muscles in the mouth and throat to “unlock” the sounds you want to make, to how to manage “voice killers” like acid reflux and vocal fatigue. On top of that, I’ve included everything I know about music theory and composition as well…
So that anyone who goes through it will have the musical knowledge they’ll need to compose their own melodies & harmonies and even work with a band if they want to. Because this program isn’t just about how to sing… But how to become a SINGER… And how to do everything that’s involved in that role. This is why it’s truly the only program of its kind on the market. It contains knowledge that you can’t learn in “music school”. Stuff that’s only learned on stages, in front of crowds, and in recording studios late at night…

Here's a closer look at what's included:

Getting Started

  • How To Use This Course (5:25)
  • Your Voice Journal (1:51)
  • About Going Deeper Challenges (3:52)
  • All Course Backing Tracks (1:22)
  • The FREE YOUR VOICE Lesson Collection

Week One

  • Finding Your Comfortable (Initial) Range (22:19)
  • Placing Your Voice (34:32)
  • Week One Practice Summary (3:18)
  • Week One Journaling Assignment (1:46)
  • Basic Voice Care (When You’re NOT Singing) (11:04)
  • Is Your Voice Getting Tired Yet? (3:10)
  • Managing Acid Reflux (8:18)

Week Two

  • Body Awareness (15:52)
  • Picture… Tense… Release: A Practice Session (19:55)
  • Breath Of Life (28:24)
  • Noise, Notes & Breathing (11:33)
  • Week Two Practice Summary (3:12)
  • Week Two Journaling Assignment (2:40)

Week Three

  • Tongue & Soft Palate (5:25)
  • One Voice, Many Possibilities (36:28)
  • Cartoon Characters & Vocal Registers (35:03)
  • Fun With Fry (Discover the Potential) (10:13)
  • Week Three Practice Summary (3:45)
  • Week Three Journaling Assignment (3:29)
  • Going Deeper Challenge #1: Learning to MIX, Expanding Your Comfortable (Powerful) Range (16:28)
  • Going Deeper Challenge #2: Mixing With Fry & Distortion (True Grit) (14:10)

Week Four

  • Short Phrases & Note Assignments (Part One) (37:07)
  • Short Phrases & Note Assignments (Part Two) (21:43)
  • Week Four Practice Summary (3:10)
  • Week Four Journaling Assignment (1:53)
    Going Deeper Challenge #1: New Placements, New Sensations, Same Phrases
  • Going Deeper Challenge #2: Finding Word Gems and Developing Them (7:05)

Week Five

  • The Major Scale As A Tool (34:46)
  • Getting Warmer Using Triads & Funny Sounds (13:50)
  • Getting Warmer Using Octaves & Sliding (8:33)
  • Week Five Practice Summary (7:02)
  • Week Five Journaling Assignment (3:12)
  • Going Deeper Challenge #1 Infinitely Musical Touch – Modifying & Playing With The Major Scale (15:41)
  • Going Deeper Challenge #2: The “Name That Tone” Game (7:26)

Week Six

  • More Face Time (39:41)
  • A One Note Song (26:48)
  • Reflection With Recording (15:56)
  • Week Six Practice Summary (2:25)
  • Week Six Journaling Assignment (2:10)
  • Question & Answer Session (10:06)
  • Going Deeper Challenge: A Two Note Song Meets Different Characters and Voices (13:36)

Week Seven

  • Your Brain Is The King (8:31)
  • The Building Blocks of Music: Intervals (10:44)
  • Find Me By The River -Mini Song (30:29)
  • Week Seven Practice Summary (1:51)
  • Week Seven Journaling Assignment (2:20)
  • Going Deeper Challenge #1: Major Scale Intervals Quiz
  • Going Deeper Challenge #2: All Intervals Quiz

Week Eight

  • Feel The Rhythm (30:59)
    Rhythm, Guitars & The
  • Pentatonic Scale (21:38)
  • Week Eight Practice Summary (2:18)
  • Week Eight Journaling Assignment (2:22)
  • Going Deeper Challenge #1: Artful Onset Ideas (8:00)
  • Going Deeper Challenge #2: Advanced Pentatonic Vocal Riffing (21:13)

Week Nine

  • In Perfect Harmony (26:15)
  • More Perfect Harmony (33:14)
  • Sing Me To Sleep (27:46)
  • Week Nine Practice Summary (4:40)
  • Week Nine Journaling Assignment (2:18)
  • Going Deeper Challenge: Chord Tone Singing & Ear Training Exercise (11:11)

Week Ten

  • Harmony Study Number One (23:58)
  • Harmony Study Number Two (18:09)
  • The Most Annoying Sound In The World (5:30)
  • Week Ten Practice Summary (2:53)
  • Week Ten Journaling Assignment (1:13)
  • Going Deeper Challenge #1: Embracing Compression & Pitch (6:42)
  • Going Deeper Challenge #2: Being Even More Annoying… Extreme Breakup (Screaming, False Cords, Fry) (11:41)

Week Eleven

  • Warm Up, Engage, Extend! (12:59)
  • Blend It (10:57)
  • More Blending Fun! (10:49)
  • Most Annoying Sound Meets Singing (15:46)
  • Week Eleven Practice Summary (2:05)
  • Week Eleven Journaling Assignment (1:28)
  • Going Deeper Challenge: Break Don’t Blend (Bring it all together with some MUSIC) (18:40)

Week Twelve

  • Blend, Don’t Break (24:45)
  • Time To Go High and Low (11:33)
  • Moving Around With Style (Vibrato, Articulation & Agility) (18:00)
  • Lifestyle & Singing (13:45)
  • Week Twelve Practice Summary (2:20)
  • Going Deeper Challenge: Musical Experimentation: Articulation, Vibrato (13:39)

Frequently Asked Questions

The course starts when you enroll and unfolds over a 12 week time period. After the 12 weeks, you have all the content for the whole course forever to go back and reference at any time.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Not a big deal at all. I’ve structured this course to be semi-self paced. This means that each new block of training is designed to be taken over the period of one week. BUT if you’re on vacation or get behind one week, you don’t just miss that week. The content will be posted and you can go through it when it works for you. Just remember not to try and play ”catch up’. There’s no need to. Go by the “week at a time” pace and you’ll be in great shape!

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

If you’re following the practice guidelines outlined in the course, this shouldn’t happen. But learning to listen to your body and sense when it needs rest is part of discovering your voice. Learn to take intentional time throughout the day to rest your voice.

YES! That’s part of the fun! You’ll be taking the course along side other students who are doing the same content you are doing week by week. There are also Q&A sessions built into certain weeks that are directly driven by the group currently going through the course.

If that sounds like a lot… it is. That’s why it’s 12 weeks long! Now, I want to clarify something here: Discover Your Voice is largely a self-paced program!! You can go through it as slowly as you want… even if it takes you years to finish all the material. And of course, you can go back to its contents as many times as you need to during your singing career. BUT one thing you CAN’T do is burn through all of the content in a couple days. I’ve specifically “drip-fed” the content week-by-week so that every student has to take the time to fully absorb and practice the material.

So if you’re the impatient type… This program ISN’T for you. Like I said earlier, if you’re looking for a “magic pill”, you won’t find it here… and you probably won’t find it anywhere. Even though it’s a “follow-along” style program, Discover Your Voice still requires some work on your end. But the good news is, the hard working folks who are patient enough to follow the system tend to see some pretty amazing results!!

And that’s not even the best part…

Choose your Limited Time Bundle

Discover Your Voice

$ 98


Work at your own pace! New course material and practice assignments are delivered each week for 12 weeks. Lifetime access is included.

Discover Your Voice PLUS

$ 168


Includes “Working Singer’s Energy & Agility” & “Mixed Voice Method & Madness” Practice Packs!

  • The full, interactive Discover Your Voice experience PLUS…

  • Receive TWO additional complete practice plans that include over 4 hours of additional guided practice, custom backing tracks and guides.

    The Working Singer’s Energy & Agility Practice Plan

  • How to build stamina for gigs & recording sessions
  • How to achieve “rockstar-level” vocal flexibility and agility
  • How to maximize power & confidence across your entire singing range
  • How to “absorb” ideas from other singers and work them into your own singing
  • How to “milk” notes the exact same way that professional singers do
  • And a lot more…

    Mixed Voice Method & Madness Practice Pack

  • Learn how use your comfortable range to determine how your voice can respond in different parts of your mix!
  • Discover the importance of KEY & CONTEXT in approaching specific notes in mixed voice.
  • Lean into your strengths as a vocalist while learning how to work with and mask weaknesses. (Correctly)
  • Learn how to use ‘feel-based compromise’ to deliver truly powerful & dynamic melodies across your entire mixed range
  • And a lot more…

Most Valuable

Discover Your Voice PRO

$ 228


Includes everything from PLUS+ with the addition of The Aggressive Vocalist Master Plan of Attack

The Aggressive Vocalist Master Plan of Attack

  • The 9 vocal “components” behind healthy, aggressive vocals.
  • How to jump from an odd “almost silent” sound into a blistering scream.
  • The parts of your vocal anatomy that contribute to a healthy scream.
  • A “mental hack” you can use to instantly relieve tension in your throat.
  • The truth behind fry and false cord screams.
  • How to know if you’re practicing too much… and why doing so can actually REVERSE your progress.

2021 © Chris Liepe

The Working Singer’s Energy & Agility Practice Plan

Licks, Riffs & Runs specifically designed to stretch and strengthen the voice & Enhance Creative Singing!

“The Working Singer’s Energy & Agility Practice Plan”
-Specifically designed for Discover Your Voice students

Discover Your Voice is all about finding & building your unique voice and musical understanding from the ground up…

But I wanted to add a little “oomph” to the program…

And give my students even MORE content to practice with.

So just recently, I put together “The Working Singer’s Energy & Agility Practice Plan”.

It’s a special 8 session, 2-hour training that focuses on…

  • How to build stamina for gigs & recording sessions
  • How to achieve “rockstar-level” vocal flexibility and agility
  • How to maximize power & confidence across your entire singing range
  • How to “absorb” ideas from other singers and work them into your own singing
  • How to “milk” notes the exact same way that professional singers do
  • And a lot more…


Start Here!

Getting Good & Warmed Up

Finding & Maintaining Your Vocal Stride

Stretch... Strength... Challenge

Rest... But Never Stop!

Mixed Voice Method & Madness Practice Pack

Develop, Get to Know & Strengthen YOUR Mixed Voice

There’s mixed voice as a concept and feeling… And then there’s perfecting and maximizing YOUR mixed voice!

…It’s a whole other level of feel-based introspection


Using specifically curated “mini songs” and short melodies, we work through the most daunting challenges singers face when bringing mixed voice from something learned, to something applied! By the end of this course, your mixed voice will truly be a usable and exciting part of your whole voice

  • Learn how use your comfortable range to determine how your voice can respond in different parts of your mix!
  • Discover the importance of KEY & CONTEXT in approaching specific notes in mixed voice.
  • Lean into your strengths as a vocalist while learning how to work with and mask weaknesses. (Correctly)
  • Work more with vowel placement and challenging notes.
  • Learn how to use ‘feel-based compromise’ to deliver truly powerful & dynamic melodies across your entire mixed range!
  • A whole lot more!


Template Info

Practice & Application Over Mini Songs & Phrases

The Aggressive Vocalist's Master Plan of Attack

Strategically Developed Practice, Exercise & Mindfulness Routines for the Aggressive Vocalist

We are invited to ENGAGE, and together... ATTACK!

…To wear our innermost, inexpressible fears and longings on our outer, audible armor

Once you are among the forever changed, you will learn:

  • The 9 vocal “components” behind healthy, aggressive vocals. (Each of these “components” is like a lever you can pull to make your voice sound a certain way… Whether you want to scream or sing like your favorite vocalist or develop your own style, understanding these components is key.)
  • The #1 reason most people feel hoarse after trying to sing or scream aggressively… and how to fix it BEFORE it’s a problem. (It has to do with mistaking 2 very similar vocal positions… one is perfectly healthy, and the other can be permanently damaging.)
  • The surprising way you can use your diaphragm to generate POWERFUL distortion in your vocals. (I’ve seen a lot of misinformation online about this particular topic… Just know that if all you’re doing is “flexing your abs”, you might be doing more harm than good.)
  • The parts of your vocal anatomy that contribute to a healthy scream… and exactly how they FEEL when you’re using them correct. (All of your favorite vocalists have an internal knowledge of how to produce distorted vocals healthily… they don’t even have to think about it. This module will give you that same knowledge.)
  • How to jump from an odd “almost silent” sound into a blistering scream. (Starting with extremely quiet sounds like this is the best way to learn aggressive vocals SAFELY.)
  • How to use “hypercompression” to safely & effortlessly transform clean notes into huge, distorted belts. (A lot of people think screaming and singing are two separate techniques… but as I’ll show you in this module, they’re actually connected in a few important ways.)
  • The surprising reason why “consonant mastery” is CRUCIAL to developing powerful distorted vocals. (If you’ve ever had trouble singing or screaming different words, you NEED to go through this module.)
  • The truth behind fry and false cord screams. (One of the reasons I made this course is because there’s an insane amount of misinformation out there about “fry” and “false cord” screams… In this module, I explain the real truth about these techniques… and show you how to use them to produce a unique & powerful sound.)
  • The exact area of your throat where you should NEVER place a distorted sound. (Once you go through this module you’ll see it’s simple… but I can’t tell you how many vocalists hurt themselves because they don’t know this.)
  • An extensive practice routine to turn the “odd yodeling” technique I’ve demonstrated to “trick” yourself into engaging your false cords. (Designed to give you an “a-ha moment” that usually comes after months or years of trial and error.)
  • A “mental hack” you can use to instantly relieve tension in your throat. (Tension is your worst enemy when it comes to aggressive vocals… thankfully, there’s an easy way to remove ALL tension from your voice by changing the way you think.)
  • A unique “vocal budgeting” framework that’ll keep you from ever going hoarse. (If you’ve ever wondered why your favorite vocalist sounds different in studio vs. on-stage… it’s because he or she is using THIS technique.)
  • How to know if you’re practicing too much… and why doing so can actually REVERSE your progress. (Overtraining is a sure-fire way to injure yourself on the road to aggressive vocals… but once you know this, pacing yourself is easy.)
  • And MUCH more…

Course Curriculum

The Master Plan

Realize The Tools Inside

From Broken to Conquering

Train The Mind, Train The Voice

Brute Force Bows Down to Strategy & Introspection

Come Together