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About Chris

Chris Liepe has collaborated with some of popular music’s greatest talent to bring the online world high quality music education. His passion for teaching and his creative approach in video instruction make learning just about anything in music fun and memorable. Chris’ vocals are featured on theme music for dozens of daily radio programs as well as commercial jingles airing around the country.


Free Your Voice

Join this FREE 3-part training series that will help you unlock potential, energy and sounds you never knew even existed inside of you!  Learn from Chris as he walks an in-studio student through dialing in “true support”.  Then, participate in several fun, unconventional exercises that will use speech and other everyday tasks to increase your range, improve your tone and more!

Discover Your Voice

Become one of Chris’s personal voice students!  Join this semi-self paced journey - Systematically delivered over 12 weeks to walk you through everything you need to know and internalize about your marvelous, indwelling instrument!  50+ total lessons.  Dozens of downloadable practice tracks, PDFs & fun quizzes.  Direct interaction and feedback from Chris.  Options are included for private lessons as well!

Video Learning

Other Courses

Explore the growing collection of free and affordable courses available from Chris!  Instruction is available in Singing, Recording and Guitar!  Be sure to check out the YouTube channel for fresh videos each week as well. 

Private Lessons

There are several ways to take a private lesson with Chris.  Each session references and builds upon the foundational concepts laid out in Discover Your Voice.  Do you have questions about scheduling?  Maybe you’d like get something on the books!



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