Kindly read the conversation below for information on private lessons

YES! Private consults are available as an option for all students going through the Discover Your Voice course. 

At the bottom of the Discover Your Voice enrollment page, you’ll see an option to select a bundle that includes options for private consults. Simply enroll in the course and select the best option for your needs. Once enrolled, you’ll receive an email including links to your included bundled content as well as additional information about scheduling the meeting(s)!

Direct feedback on student’s singing is reserved for those enrolled in one of my courses, but I highly encourage students to do this as they have questions about what they are discovering through the course content.

No, but you need to be through week 3’s material before the session. (You’ll find out why when you start the course content)

The vocal training I offer through my courses is unique, highly immersive as well as interactive. Private, face to face meetings will be worth exponentially more to YOU as a student if you have gone through and are going through my training as I have designed it. By being enrolled in my course and working through that material, we are sure to speak the same language and our communication will be direct and efficient. We use what you’re learning and what you want to accomplish as the basis for our meetings. It’s super cool and productive!

You’ll need a Skype account, a desktop/laptop computer a decent internet connection and some headphones.

Once enrolled in Discover Your Voice, you’ll be given new practice assignments and specific areas of focus every week for 12 weeks. Add in a bundle that includes up to 2 private consults and you are participating in something far greater than standard, ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ weekly voice lessons! (And considering the amount of content and instruction included, it is a far better value!)

Yes! We’ll discuss options for this at the end of your final consult included with your course bundle!

Yes! I enjoy exploring all sorts of styles and do this regularly on my own for my own learning! The odds are that what we’ll work on will tie back directly in some way to a technique, mindset, or concept presented in one of the courses, but it’s not always that evident as to how when simply listening to music. This is part of the fun and why private lessons can be so cool!

Great! Follow the link below to the course enrollment page, scroll down to the bottom and select the option that best fits your needs. See you in the course!

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