Get More Out
of Your Voice

Let's Do This Together..

It’s been amazing to see what’s happened over this past year on the channel. Voices have been freed and discovered… We’ve played games, learned from our heroes, started a singing Facebook group… And I’ve had the privilege taking many of you through my courses and engaging with you in private lessons!

AND NOW… We join together to invite even more people to experience singing freedom and a deeper appreciation for the most marvelous human instrument.

Follow the link, enter the contest and check back daily to see how you can earn more and more points! The person with the most points at the end of each month will win a private lesson with me (Chris)! This contest will run EVERY MONTH until the YouTube channel reaches 200,000 subs!

Together, we’ll get to help more people learn how to free their voice — More singers will be liberated and more great music will be made!!

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