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 I limit enrollment windows and handle new students in this “Request an Invitation” manner so that I can be available to my students working through the 12 weeks of material in the course.  So right now, we’re waiting for the most recent batch of students to work their way through some of the key concepts and cornerstone sensations I present in the curriculum.  
But it won’t be long 🙂  Once people hit the ground running with the first few weeks, they really tend to get immersed in the process of self discovery.  In fact, keep an eye on your email this week and you should receive your invitation.  If you don’t end up getting invited, please shoot me an email at “chris@mymusicalvoice.com”  and let me know!  I’d hate for you to miss an invitation that you asked for because of spam filters.
While you’re waiting, head on over to my YouTube channel  and check out some of my latest videos!  Talk with you soon,


– Chris

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