Chris Liepe

Why You Run Out of Breath

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Table of Contents

Why You Run Out of Breath

Hey! Chris Liepe here, with a few reasons for why you run out of breath before you want to when you are singing. And – a few ways that you can help improve your breath support, and your length of notes, without feeling like you’re completely running out of steam!

Reason number one that you run out of breath, particularly when you are singing long phrases and lines is…you’re not considering the line before, and what it fully takes to invest in the line after.

See an example video here.

Taking breaths, ESPECIALLY in between difficult lines, and being INTENTIONAL about it, sounds so simple! BUT, we have to plan our breaths between phrases, and we have to consciously KNOW when we have to set ourselves up for those lines that require lots of breath.

Singing on top of Your Breath

If you take in all the air that you possibly can (don’t pay attention to what your body is doing, just take in all the air that you possibly can), then exhale slowly, you’re going to reach a point where your body will start caving in on itself. That’s when you realize that you are having to push more in order to exhale more.

I talk about this and the impact of it on your singing and breath control support at length in my course “Discover Your Voice.”

In this case though, I want you to feel that point where you are no longer on top of your breath. It almost feels like you are on the bottom and you have to start pushing to exhale, versus this idea of naturally exhaling and having it feel good and natural.

We always want to sing in that on-top feeling – ALWAYS!

Using Compression

I can use more resistance (I’ve talked about this on my channel before) if I use compression. Vocal compression has so many uses in terms of tone shaping, intensity, and grit! It has a TON to do with how we are dynamically able to control air flow. In this case, we use compression as a way to conserve air.

Adding compression above our vocal cords (our false chord area), allows us to hold that note A LOT longer! Need more help with vocal compression? Feel free to enjoy free voice lessons at chrisliepe.com/free-your-voice.

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Get More Vocal Help!

How can you apply these lessons to improve your voice, going from boring to exciting or from dull to dynamic? What about other vocal needs or problems? I’d love to help! Check out my other blog posts here and subscribe to my YouTube channel for even more examples and instruction.

And, you can always participate in one of my training courses. Check out what I have to offer and see how it meets your performance needs.

Rock On!


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